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Ways to Use The Committee

The Committee is a humorous, yet poignant, online series that examines the struggles congregation’s face as they look toward a preferred future. Using real world topics, The Committee is sure to open discussion in your church. Designed for both individual viewing and group study, each free episode also has a free downloadable study guide. A new video is released each month on YouTube and announced on the Chuck Knows Church Facebook page. We plan to produce 12 episodes that will address complicated subjects. Each episode is approximately 10-13 minutes.

Study Groups

The Committee works best when viewed in a group dedicated to looking toward the future of their congregation or to address difficult issues that may prevent vitality. Groups of any size can watch the video(s) and then a pastor or convener can lead a discussion about the subject(s) addressed in the video. A free downloadable (PDF) study guide is available with each video.  Suggestion:  Have a goal in mind of what you’d like to achieve by watching the series.  

Fellowship Groups

Choose a video and enjoy!  Your group wil laugh, sometimes even uncomfortably, with the subjects addressed.  

Family Viewing

Show an episode of The Committee to your family and see what happens!

Sermon Series

Yep, some clergy church leaders use The Committee as a sermon and then comment on the issues raised in the video.  

Late Night Viewing

Grab a snack and binge on a few episodes of The Committee before nodding off.  We’ve heard that you’ll sleep better!

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