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Chuck Knows Church is two online video series that help interpret complex subjects and issues in a fun, yet informative, way.  Each series features “Chuck” who helps us learn more about our church while inviting us to have deeper conversation with our pastor or priest.

Six Questions With Chuck


The ORIGINAL SERIES is all about the objects, symbols and terms we often hear in church. Take a couple of minutes each week and have some fun while you learn from Chuck. There are more than 100 episodes available on a variety of topics, with more being produced on a regular basis. Each episode is between 2 to 5 minutes long.

THE COMMITTEE is a humorous and poignant 15-part online series that examines the struggles congregations face as they look toward a preferred future. Using real-world topics, The Committee is sure to open discussion in your church. Designed for both individual viewing and group study, each episode comes with a free downloadable study guide. Each episode is between 10 to 13 minutes long.

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How many Chuck Knows Church videos do you hope to do?

We would love to tell as many of these stories as possible.  The Original Series will continue at least through 2016.  The Committee will produce at least 12 episodes.  

Who funds the videos?

All funding for Chuck Knows Church videos is provided by Discipleship Ministries, an international agency of The United Methodist Church.  If you are a United Methodist, your generous support of The World Service Fund helps support Chuck Knows Church. 

What rights do I need to play the videos?

All Chuck Knows Church videos are yours to view anywhere, post anywhere, duplicate and giveaway.  Changing the length, or in any way altering the content is strictly prohibited. Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church holds all copyrights to all Chuck Knows Church videos.  

May I make copies of the videos for my church's small groups?


How can I contact Chuck?

The best way to contact Chuck is by sending us an email.

Do you accept ideas for the videos?

YES! Please email them to us.  

Where can I view all the episodes and trash-talk with Chuck?

There are several places you can get your weekly dose of Chuck:

This website:

How do I sign up for weekly email updates?

Visit the signup form at the bottom of this page. We try and get out an email each week (if we have had our vitamins). This is especially helpful for our partner congregations who have each week's episode on their website.

When are the videos released each week?

In most cases, we announce each episode on Tuesday nights for those who have signed up for email news updates (sign up here). Then, on Wednesdays we announce the episode on Facebook and Twitter (@ChuckKnows) and provide a link to YouTube. All downloads are available on Wednesdays for new episodes.

Is there a list of upcoming episodes?

No, think of Chuck Knows Church as a weekly episode of your favorite TV show. You don't know until you watch.

Can our church, conference, area office or house church be listed on your website as a partner?

You betcha. If you post Chuck Knows Church episodes each week, we would love to list you as a partner. Visit this page and give us the particulars. Want to see who's already on board? Here's the list of our partners.

Who is Chuck, really?

Chuck is Chuck! What can we tell ‘ya? He’s also a very knowledgeable guy. We have always felt that Chuck's identity was part of the fun. If we tell you Chuck is a clergy person then some may want to know which seminary he attended, which church he serves, if he’s left handed or right handed. If he’s a layperson, some will want to know if he’s trained to give such churchy advice, and where he attends church. But, we realize some people are not satisfied with that answer.  We looked for a long time to find the right person to deliver the message of Chuck. After a series of auditions in three states we found that person in Josh Childs, a Christian leader here in Nashville who loves God and loves the church.

On set we call Josh "Chuck." He's literally the smartest guy in the room and adds to the scripts along with the rest of the producers and writers. Josh is part of our family now. He's our personal friend.

Who produces Chuck Knows Church?

Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church produces Chuck Knows Church.  A guy named Rev. Steve Horswill-Johnston, Executive Director of Communications at Discipleship Ministries, is the creator and senior producer of the show.  We have a team of consultants headed by Rev. Taylor Burton-Edwards, Rev. Jeffrey Campbell, and Rev. Craig Kennet Miller, are theological consultants for the two shows.

Why does Chuck end each episode with “Ask your pastor if you want to learn more. Tell them Chuck sent you?”

Volumes have been written about many of the subjects Chuck addresses. Your pastor will know much more. We are trying to create a strong bond between clergy and laity.

Can I download episodes?

You sure can! Downloads are free. How 'bout that?
Download an episode from the Original Series here
Download an episode from The Committee here.

How long does it take to download a video?

Videos are encoded at the highest possible quality while keeping their size small enough to download.  A download could take up to 20 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. 

I've downloaded a video, but it won't play correctly on my computer.

Make sure you have the most recent version of your media player. Check the information about QuickTime or Windows Media Player

In what formats are the videos available?

Original Series episodes are available in available in both high definition (16x9) and standard definition (4x3) HD versions are : MP4 (1920x1080), MP4 (1280x720) and MPEG1 (1280x720). SD versions are: WMV (720x480), MOV (720x480), and MPEG1 (720x480).

The Committee episodes are available in high definition (16x9) in both MOV and MP4 versions.

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